Once a year cocktails

No -we don’t have cocktails just once a year, Ha Ha!, quite the contrary, however, once a year we harvest our green oranges from a potted tree on the patio and make cocktails.  I don’t know if it is our weather in North Texas or if these are a special kind of orange that stays green but they taste great.  They are ripe sometime in the fall and we can tell because they soften up.   We got about 7 or 8 this year and we squeezed them and added fresh lime juice and good tequila, simple syrup, shake over ice and poor – and voila delicious Green Orange Margatinis.   These green oranges make lots of juice and taste DELICIOUS!  We always look forward to our once-a-year green orange cocktails.

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Pasta with fresh herbs and mushrooms

Easy, quick, delicious. Lots of garlic, mushrooms and fresh picked herbs-Sage, rosemary, sorrel,  sauteed in olive oil and butter, tossed with pasta and topped with fresh basil and shaved asiago cheese.   Different combinations of herbs will work but to me sage is a key ingredient.  This dish is very aromatic, delicious and satisfying and it pairs well with many wines.

pasta with fresh herbs and mushrooms (skillet)

pasta with fresh herbs and mushrooms

Fun with Food

Food, wine, fun, family and friends! What could be better.  I love cooking  but have never been very good at following recipes.  Not that I don’t love to browse through cook books and my favorite food magazines, but I just have a hard time going step by step.  My idea of fun in the kitchen, is just opening up the fridge and pantry and seeing what is there and getting creative.  

We also love to eat in good restaurants that use healthy, quality ingredients and when we find a place we love, we love to spread the word.  

 Dennis, my fabulous husband, grocery shopper and dish washer extraordinaire, loves to eat what I prepare, but often remarks to the last bite on his fork – You were great, but adios, I’ll never see you again.  He doesn’t complain too much because he knows that something new and delicious is right around the corner and that if he likes something I will make something similar again but that it probably won’t be exactly the same the next time.

 I have decided to start a blog to discuss food and drink and also to share and record some of the memorable meals  we have at home and also  to discuss some tasty items we find at restaurants in our home town of Fort Worth and also in our travels.  

Cheers, Debra